Pause – Stress Rehab Retreat

At Solana Pause, immersion will shift your entire way of being, as you learn the tools to relax your parasympathetic nervous system. PAUSE is a pivotal program that teaches you how to anchor from a calm, composed place. This will lead you to embrace every challenge and opportunity from a clear state of mind.



Earth Villa

Experience deep rest and serene luxury in our Bamboo Earth Bungalows with outdoor showers, enveloped by trees, ponds and lush plants. Rooms are suitable for singles, couples & twin sharing. 

All accommodations come with biodegradable organic body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Hairdryers, cozy bathrobes, slippers, luxurious towels, and even a bamboo toothbrush (that’s yours to keep) are included too

Waterfall Villa

Enjoy a private flower bath with a breathtaking river view in our exclusive large cliff rooms. We know, we find the sound of running water magical too. These rooms are also suitable for singles, couples, and twin sharing. 

All accommodations come with biodegradable organic body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Hairdryers, cozy bathrobes, slippers, luxurious towels, and even a bamboo toothbrush (that’s yours to keep) are included too


The Pause Retreat is a 7-day, 6-night program designed for a transformative experience.

The base prices for the Pause Retreat are as follows:

  • Waterfall Suite Single: $2500
  • Waterfall Suite Shared with a family/friend: $2100 per person
  • Earth Villa Single: $2200
  • Earth Villa Shared: $1900 per person

During the retreat, participants are encouraged to embrace silence and disconnect from work and external distractions. This practice creates a serene and focused environment for relaxation, introspection, and self-discovery. Retreat facilitators will guide participants through this process and provide support as needed. However, we assure you that if it’s something urgent that needs to be addressed, you can do so without any problem.

The Pause Retreat offers a balanced combination of relaxation, healing, and personal growth activities such as yoga, meditation, and private coaching sessions. These experiences provide participants with opportunities for reflection, gaining clarity, and exploring their purpose. The supportive environment fosters personal transformation and self-discovery.

The Pause Retreat accommodates various dietary requirements and preferences. The culinary team prepares nourishing and delicious meals, catering to specific needs such as food allergies, vegetarian or vegan diets, and gluten-free options. Please inform the retreat organizers about your dietary requirements during the reservation process.

Absolutely! The Pause Retreat welcomes participants of all physical conditions and experience levels. The instructors will provide guidance and modify the practices suit your abilities. Whether you are a beginner or have limited experience, the instructors are trained to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience for all participants. Additional support and guidance are available for beginners, allowing you to fully engage in the yoga and meditation classes.

Bali is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. With its beautiful beaches, lush rice terraces, and ancient temples, Bali provides a serene and picturesque setting for the Pause Retreat. The island’s spiritual heritage and tranquil atmosphere create an ideal environment for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-reflection during the retreat.

Solana offers a unique and exceptional Pause Retreat experience in Bali. With a perfect balance of relaxation, healing, and personal growth, coupled with luxurious accommodations, Solana ensures an unforgettable journey. Located in a serene and scenic setting, Solana provides a tranquil and nurturing environment for your retreat. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional service and support throughout your stay, making your retreat a transformative and memorable experience.

We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate different financial situations. You can choose to make a full payment at the time of booking or opt for 3 months Payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost over several months.

Yes, we offer the option to secure your spot with a deposit and pay the remaining balance one month before the retreat start date. This allows you to reserve your spot early while providing more time to arrange for the full payment. Please note that this deposit is not refundable. But you can transfer to any friend and family in case you cannot join.

Indonesia has a tropical climate, and it’s warm throughout the year. However, the dry season from May to September is often considered the best time to visit because it has less rainfall. Remember, weather can vary across the vast archipelago, so it’s important to research the specific regions you plan to visit.

Citizens can enter Indonesia without a visa for up to 30 days for tourism purposes. However, visa regulations can change, so it’s advised to check the current requirements with the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your country before planning your trip. The visa can be extended till 60 days

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