Celebrate Love

Perfect for honeymooners, celebrations or just to have a loving time with your partner…..


  • Massage for two
  • Flower bath
  • Floating breakfast for two
  • Flower decorations in the room for arrival night
  • Kombucha for two
  • Morning yoga for 2



Experience the perfect harmony of health and happiness with our curated Wellness Packages. Each package is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, integrating physical fitness, nutritious meals, mental tranquility, and preventative care. Embrace a rejuvenating journey towards holistic health, tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle, promoting lifelong habits for optimal wellbeing. Our Wellness Packages are not just about treating the symptoms, but nurturing the root, ensuring you’re at your best, inside and out.


Our Wellness Packages offer a holistic approach to health and happiness. Each package is thoughtfully designed to integrate physical fitness, nutritious meals, mental tranquility, and preventative care, providing a comprehensive experience of wellbeing. It’s about nurturing the root of wellness, not just treating symptoms.

Yes, you can. If you feel like you need more after the initial 36-hour detox in the CLEANSE & RENEW package, we offer an Additional Day of Detox package.

Each package provides different experiences aiming at specific aspects of wellbeing. They include detox programs, massage therapies, yoga classes, healthy meal preparations, emotional wellbeing therapies, and spiritual healing practices. All designed to create balance and promote lifelong habits for optimal wellbeing.

Yes, we have HEART wellness packages specifically designed to promote emotional wellbeing and enhance relationships. They include experiences like aromatherapy massages, sound healing sessions, and private ceremonies to deepen connections with your partner.

Absolutely! Our HERBALICIOUS COOKING package, for example, teaches you how to cook healthy meals using fresh herbs. You’ll be able to continue your wellness journey at home by integrating the principles and practices learned during your time with us.

We know this is important for you

So we do our best to make this a good investment for you and what you need right now, if you have any questions just let us know to support you